Esmee is a Netherlands-based photographer. Currently a senior in high school, she’s 17 years old, inspired and motivated to share her creative journey with you.

Esmee’s aspirations are beyond what she could imagine for herself but she is more than delighted to share every step of the way with you.

She spends all of her free time either out and about taking photos, inside behind her computer screen writing or on her comfy chair reading books from her favorite authors.



On the 11th of July 2018, Esmee started her very own podcast. She sits down every week to talk about how you can change your life. Candid conversations about (mostly) creativity, entrepreneurship and how to make stuff happen.

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Personal Life

Esmee is a passionate 17-year-old living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Besides going to school pretty much every day, Esmee makes sure she has time every day to work on photos, website, podcast or anything else that has to do with creativity. It helps her to relax and to get a chance to do what she loves, every single day.